Small Business Consulting

Candid Consulting That Spares No Punches From An Entrepreneur That Has Actually Done The Work

As a young entrepreneur having built his company from the ground up with virtually nothing and a credit score of only 483, Chans understands the struggle of starting a business and molding it into something worthwhile. The endless “business coaches & internet gurus” are quick to offer the promise of instant results, a conveyer belt of revenue, Lamborghinis–the works. But Chans knows that this isn’t reality and has helped countless small businesses build foundations for sustained success.

With over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, building a successful brand, maintaining a positive work environment, and securing a multitude of revenue streams, Chans has valuable insight for up and coming entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark, as well as established businesses looking to grow. Visit us at.

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Consulting Topics

  • Scaling a Small Business
  • Team Training: Digital Marketing
  • Small Business Fundamentals